We offer a wide spectrum of services to make your life easier and give you peace of mind while you're away. Not only can we help you fulfill your insurance requirements, we can manage repairs, yard maintenance, snow removal and more. Our dedication to our customers is demonstrated through our diligent work and our flexibility - no request is too large or small.

Whether you are traveling for a few days at a time or spending the winter months away, you want your home to be safe and secure.  A pipe can burst or a break-in can occur whether you are gone for a few days or a few months.  Triton Property Management  offers by-weekly, monthly or daily house watch services that provide secondary property owners and snowbirds with peace of mind that their home is in good hands.

Every home has unique needs and Triton Property Management offers a fully customizable package for every individual home.  We are Bonded and Insured & have the Best Rates in Yellowknife.


  •  Interior Home Inspections - Fulfilling Insurance Requirements and Providing Peace of Mindind

Most insurance companies require that homeowners have their properties checked while it is unoccupied.  Triton Property Management will perform a thorough inspection of the entire house and take any appropriate measures to ensure your house is being looked after. 

  • Exterior Checks - Ensuring Your Property Outside of  the Home are In Optimal Condition

We will check for vandalism, theft, weather permitting damages must also be considered when watching over a property.  Triton Property Management will do a complete walk around your property and identify any potential issues and rectify them before they turn into costly problems.